Friday, July 20, 2012

My Cheddar's New Orleans Pasta Copycat :-)

I'd say it's been about a month since I've posted... Haven't cooked much lately. But I've been meaning to try this recipe. I did today. Sometimes I will have an urge to eat really unhealthy??? :-/ When I went to visit Erica in Columbus for my birthday weekend (which was in May... I know I am extremely late), we ate at Cheddar's. So as I skimmed through the menu.... I skimmed for a little more. And there it was... The New Orleans Pasta. Anything with pasta and Cajun seasoning is my friend. It's an added bonus if it comes drenched in a creamy sauce (I know... That's so obese of me). Anyway. It was really good. Except (I don't know if it was that particular location, or if it's just how the dish is served), my chunks of vegetables were way too... well, CHUNKY! They were huge! And way under cooked for my liking (I know no one asked me for a restaurant review). So I said I'd try to reconstruct it one day. In my search for a new recipe, I came across Ree Drummond's blog post about her Cajun Pasta and it reminded me to try the pasta. So... Today was the day! So I gathered all my ingredients and prepared them all. Today was my off day so I had time to prepare my food with a little more TLC than usual ;-) 
Red, Yellow and Green Bell Peppers. Not pictured is diced tomatoes

BEEF Smoked Sausage... I don't do that pork MESS! :-) I guess I forgot to take a picture of the chunked chicken breasts!

Shrimp!... Which makes me very happy

Heavy cream, Chicken broth, Alfredo Sauce

Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning (one of my go-to's in the kitchen!), Dreamfield's Penne Pasta (Look it up! Love Dreamfields's!), Cayenne (of course! Duh!). Not pictured is black pepper!
Soooo I got out a really huge chicken-frying-type pan and lubed it up with some butter and olive oil and dropped my cubed chicken in... I used Creole and Blackening seasoning on it; browned it up really good. Added my peppers and onions as well as the sausage; covered it up and let it cook down a bit. NO HARD VEGGIES! Add more Creole seasoning; a little Cayenne. 

Once the mixture was cooked down, I poured it onto a plate and set it aside with a foil tent to keep it warm while I started my cream sauce. 

So I started with about half of the box pictured. Brought it to a boil, then added the heavy cream and alfredo sauce then let it come to a boil. I reduced the heat and added more Creole seasoning and Cayenne. During this time, I 'm sure I put the pasta on by this time... 

Added the meat and veggie mixture back to the sauce... with the diced tomatoes

Added my pasta and shrimp!

Let them simmer a few minutes and become opaque

Covered the pot and simmered the pasta until it thickened up

And finally... "A few shots'a Tabasco, and it's the bee's knees!" ~ Tiana, The Princess and the Frog

Served it up with some garlic bread sticks. YUM-MO! 

Aaaaand we had some pret-ty good carrot cupcakes for dinner! This was a pretty good darn day off, I'll tell ya that!

C'est bon!


  1. Y'all greedy!!!! And....I was home! You didn't call me!

  2. How much cayenne and creole did u put in it??

  3. not very good direction but great outcome

  4. Need to list ingredients